Change is coming to PHP!

Ever had the feeling that web development is a bit over-complicated?

Ever had the feeling that web development is a bit slow?

Ever had the feeling that there must be a better way?

You're not alone!

Fear not - Trongate is on the move!

Trongate is the brand new PHP framework that is set to take the web development community by storm. Trongate offers a COMPLETE RETHINK of what a great PHP framework should do.

What does a 'complete rethink' of PHP look like?

Well, let's be clear - there's nothing wrong with PHP. It's a fantastic language that is managed by a brilliant team. The trouble is that, recently, the PHP frameworks haven't quite gotten the best out of PHP. We believe that there's a better way to use PHP.

We're taking everything that 'they' think is good and we're throwing it away. That means:

Instead of all of the above bullschitt, Trongate gives you powerful features that can turn you a web development POWERHOUSE

Say 'hello' to Trongate's little friends:

Try the Trongate desktop app and you can even have the code written for you!

Trongate is the ONLY framework that can make you up to FIFTY TIMES MORE PRODUCTIVE!

Check out the properties builder (and ask yourself, 'how long would it take you to build something like this normally?')...

Trongate is unlike any other framework you've ever used

The Trongate framework WORKS. It is being used to build commercial sites every day. However, it has not yet been released out into the wild. When that day comes, you will be in no doubt - Trongate is different from any other PHP framework you've ever seen.

Initial tests are showing that Trongate is smashing all of the other major frameworks, both in terms of productivity AND benchmarks.

Launch due some time around August to September 2020 but you don't have to wait that long

Trongate is scheduled for release out into the wild around September 2020. When that time comes the framework will be open source. However, the desktop app (which writes the code for you) will be available on a subscription basis.

Beat the crowds - join Speed Coding Academy

Until launch day, Trongate is reserved exclusively for members of Speed Coding Academy.

Speed Coding Academy is on online web development bootcamp, dedicated to teaching developers how to build web applications incredibly quickly.

Those who join Speed Coding Academy can expect to build any application that any client could reasoanbly ask for at least thirty times fastest than a typical professional web developer.

Those of us who are on board the fun bus like to think that we're starting a sort of web development revolution.

Join Speed Coding Academy today and you can be using Trongate tonight!

Those who join Speed Coding Academy enjoy the following:

Interested? Why not take a look and find out more?

Alternatively, join the free mailing list and be one of the first to know when Trongate gets released.

The launch of Trongate is set to be the most important web development events of 2020. That's because Trongate is the only framework that offers a serious challenge to PSR domination! Trongate is not a 'me too' framework. Trongate has been designed to make web development BETTER. You're here early. Hop on board the fun bus and JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

* Initial tests indicate that Trongate is more than twice as performant as the leading PHP micro-framework. YouTube video results due to be published before mid February 2020.

Below a nice particle effect to finish off this spectacular webpage. If you look closely, you might be able to find the secret hidden message that was left by our glorious founder - who definitely did NOT write this and who most certainly CAN afford to hire somebody to write this for him. Rumour has it that magical web development powers are bestowed upon those who can see the secret message, hidden below. Good luck with your quest to find the hidden message! Go forth ye and may ye build spectacular sites for the world and beyond to see!

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**** Probably not. *****

***** But it does make me feel darn intelligent. Oooh yeah!

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