Trongate is the new PHP framework that lets you build enterprise web apps in minutes instead of months.


Automatic Installer

No command line. No Git. No 'Composer dot phar'. No Yaml. Trongate installs itself.

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Old School PHP

Trongate uses PHP the way that it was meant to be used. Easy. Simple. Beautiful.

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API Explorer

Trongate's powerful API Explorer sets a new standard for API development.

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Nested Modularity

Trongate takes modularity to a new level, making you a productivity powerhouse.

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File Asset Manager

Add pictures, CSS and even JavaScript to your modules. Trongate figures it out.

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Custom Routing

Trongate lets you easily control all of your URLs. Perfect for SEO.

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Modular HAVC

Trongate uses Hierarchical Asset View Controller. It's like HMVC on steroids!

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SQL Importer

Easily import entire modules, including SQL. Drag 'n' drop web development, at last.

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PDO Database Helper

You'll be able to execute database queries easily with Trongate's PDO helper.

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Image Uploader

Writing code for uploading images usually takes ages. Trongate makes it easy.

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Updates Itself!

REWRITE CULTURE IS OVER. When new features come out, Trongate self updates.

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Trongate Pro

Introducing Trongate Pro, the revolutionary desktop app that writes your code for you!

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We've ditched the deadwood and started a web development revolution

Trongate abandons all of the things that hold web developers back and replaces them with powerful new features that can turn you into a web development powerhouse. Trongate offers a brave new approach to web development. We're serious about doing things better and if that means upsetting a few aficionados along the way then so be it.

Wow! Check out all the incredible stuff that Trongate DOESN'T have!


Write code the way that YOU like. Trongate won't lecture you about coding style.

No Command Line

Trongate leaves the command line interface back in the 70s, where it belongs.

No Unnecessary Features

Template engines, unit testing, ORMs, migrations, third party add-ons... you won't find them here!

No Frequent Rewrites

Trongate was designed to be future proof from the ground up! When new features are released, your apps can be automatically updated at the click of a button, without breaking your code. This is an industry first! Oh, and that's all open source and all 100% free! Yes... really!

Instead of trying to impersonate other, more traditional languages, Trongate embraces code that is simple, modular and very easy to understand. PHP the way that it was meant to be. Finally.

Break The Rules - Use Trongate!

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