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Welcome to the revolution!


Is this fast enough for you?

Trongate favours pure PHP over things like PSR-4 autoloading. The result? A brave new PHP framework that demolishes the competition based on every metric that counts. Pure PHP is back!

Thanks to Adam Spencer for donating these benchmark test results.

Key Features


Automatic Installer

No command line. No Git. No 'Composer dot phar'. No Yaml. No Packagist. Trongate installs itself. Simply download the free Trongate desktop app and set up entire database driven apps in seconds!


API Manager

Trongate's best in class API Manager sets a new standard for rapid API development. Mobile developers and JavaScript developers - you're in for a treat!


Advanced File Uploaders

Trongate sets a new standard for PHP by letting developers build highly performant features in record time. This includes some of the fastest file uploaders in the industry.


Graphical Query Builder

Trongate is the only framework that comes with a free graphical SQL query builder. So, now you can build complex table joins easily and liberate yourself from costly db mangement software.


Updates Itself

Whenever new features come out you get an alert, asking if you want it. If you want it, you click 'yes'. Then it self-updates. Another industry first! By the way, Trongate is also the first PHP framework that aims to be v1 forever!


Automatic Code Generator

With Trongate, you get a revolutionary code generator to help take care of boring boilerplate code. Your productivity levels are about to go through the roof!


JavaScript Components

With Trongate you can build beautiful pop up calendars, time pickers, date-range pickers and even drag and drop file uploaders in seconds!


Custom Themes

Unlike some frameworks that tether users to a particular design, Trongate lets you choose from a potentially unlimited number of design themes for your admin panels.


Custom CSS Library

Frameworks should NOT depend upon third party libraries. That's why Trongate has its own CSS library. Yet another industry first!


Modular HAVC

Trongate uses Hierarchical Asset View Controller architecture. It's like HMVC on steroids! Finally, the PHP community have a "truely modular" PHP framework.


Module Import Wizard

Easily import entire modules, including SQL data. Drag 'n' drop web development, at last.


An App Store!

Trongate's Module Market is the PHP community's first legitimate challenge to the Composer / Packagist combo. Goodbye henhouse. Hello sunshine!

We're having a web development revolution!

No Third Party Libraries

No framework worth its salt should be dependent upon third party libraries! The moment you add third party libraries to a framework, you're inheriting someone else's code, someone else's rewrite schedule and someone else's problems. To be clear: It's okay to use third party libraries with Trongate. Some of them are fantastic. However, they are not an integral part of the framework. Trongate developers are free to use or not use third party libaries as they please.

Since Trongate comes with its own JavaScript components, HTML templates and even a Trongate CSS library, it means that PHP developers finally have a framework that's built for stability from the ground-up.

Say 'Goodbye' To Rewrites & 'Hello' To Stability

There's nothing more annoying than learning a new framework, building an app or two then suddenly receiving an email in the middle of the night telling you that everything has just been rewritten - all because of a new version. This is an industry-wide problem for web developers.

Trongate is the first PHP framework that values rock-solid stability above everything else.

Trongate was made for developers who want to build large enterprise apps, launch them and leave them online for five years. Whenever new features are added to the Trongate framework, your apps can be automatically updated at the click of a button, without breaking your code.

While 'they' rewrite their frameworks, we rewrite history!

We're Keeping The Doors Of Web Development Open

You'll never see exams or web development certificates being sold here. That's a promise! Trongate is here to keep the doors of web development open.

Open Source & Ready To Rock

The Trongate framework is free and it will always be free. That's a promise. The same goes for our revolutionary Trongate Desktop App. Trongate uses the MIT license. That's the cool one! It's the one that gets out of your way and lets you get on with the business of commercial web development.

We've Even Got An App Store!

Trongate is the only PHP framework that has its own fully functional app store. We call it, The Module Market.

The Trongate Module Market gives developers an opportunity to easily share code. We have a growing library of code that's all ready to be installed at the click of a button. We like to think of it as being PHP's first credible alternative to Packagist.

There's plenty of code that's available for free - including design templates. If you've built something super cool then you even have the option of selling your code to other developes!

Break the rules. Use Trongate!

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