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A Brave New Ecosystem For PHP Developers

Trongate gives PHP developers a new and exciting platform for sharing code. We call it, 'The Module Market'.

The Trongate Module Market diverges from Packagist's challenges with third-party interdependency by adopting a "single point of accountability" model, reminiscent of the esteemed Apple App Store. This approach shields developers from the hazards of rewrite culture and inter-version dependency while fortifying security through rigorous upload protocols.

Unleash Your PHP Potential

Trongate is built for lovers of pure PHP. Here's a simple example of how to initialise some data and pass it into a view file:

function hello() {

// Initialise some data.
$data['name'] = 'John';

// Load view file, passing in data.
$this->view('greeting', $data); 

View file:

Hello <?= $name ?>

Enjoy Modular Magic

Trongate's modular architecture lets you build large scale enterprise application quickly and easily. In this example, we retrieve customer data from a 'customers' module and then integrate it into a website template for display:

function howdy() {

// Step 1: Read record id from URL
$id = segment(3, 'int');

// Step 2: Load the 'customers' module

// Step 3: Fetch customer data, using the 'customers' module
$data = $this->customers->_fetch_customer_data($id);

// Step 4: Define a view file location and filename
$data['view_module'] = 'welcome';
$data['view_file'] = 'greeting';

// Step 5: Load the 'public' template, with the prepared data
$this->template('public', $data); 

An Avalanche Of Innovation - All 100% Open Source

Trongate brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the PHP community.

All of the assets below are open source and brought to you for free (yes, really!)


Trongate Pages

The Trongate framework comes with a beautiful content management system called Trongate Pages! It's all free and it's all open source.


API Manager

Trongate's best in class API Manager sets a new standard for rapid API development. Developers who like JavaScript are in for a treat!


Advanced File Uploaders

The Trongate ecosystem has some of the best file uploaders in the industry! Click 'Learn More' and see for yourself!


Graphical Query Builder

Take the pain out of building advanced database queries, with our free graphical query builder.


Revolutionary Updating Mechanism

When new features are added to the Trongate framework, you can install them at the click of a button!


Automatic Code Generator

Trongate developers have access to a powerful code generator to help take care of boring boilerplate code.


JavaScript Components

Trongate is the only PHP framework that comes with a complete toolbox of powerful JavaScript components.


Custom Themes

Choose from a potentially unlimited number of design themes for your websites. With Trongate, you have control over every single pixel.


Custom CSS Library

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a CSS library that made pure HTML look beautiful? Rejoice! Trongate has it!


Modular HAVC

Trongate's 'truly modular' architecture is a game changer. Now, you can build large scale enterprise applications faster than ever.


Module Import Wizard

Trongate lets developers share code easily. Trongate's Module Important Wizard lets you easily import entire modules, including SQL data.


An App Store!

The PHP community deserves a platform that lets developer share code, based on a 'single point of accountability' model. So, we built it!

If You Like Fast Benchmarks, You'll Love Trongate

Trongate favours pure PHP over things like PSR-4 autoloading. The result? A revolutionary PHP framework that trounces the competition based on every benchmark that counts.

Thanks to Adam Spencer for donating these benchmark test results.

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