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About Trongate

Trongate is an attempt to give the PHP community a credible alternative to the Composer, Packagist, PSR triad.

Trongate was built with a love of pure PHP and a belief that PHP is best when it's easy, stable and fast. Trongate uses PHP the way that PHP was originally intended to be used, i.e., as a templating engine. Trongate is the only PHP framework that actively rejects; PSR-4 auto-loading, Composer, Packagist, rewrite culture, certification and all forms of bureaucracy.

Trongate is also the first PHP framework that has been built with a determination to remain v1 forever. Finally, PHP developers have framework that has been built with stability as a priority.

The Trongate framework will never contain features that developers don't need. Trongate will never offer certification - paid or unpaid. Instead, Trongate will continue to boldly tackle real problems that face real developers every day.

The Trongate framework is free. The Trongate desktop app is also free. These things will always be free. That's a promise!

If you believe in an alternative kind of PHP development that's faster, easier and better than the offerings from other PHP frameworks then please do consider giving Trongate a star on GitHub. We need your support.

About The Name

Trongate is the name of a street in Glasgow, Scotland. It's one of the oldest streets in the world and it happens to be near where the guy who made the framework lives. Nevertheless, it's just a word. Don't dwell on it!