The Name

The name of our framework is, 'Trongate'. However, it's acceptable to call it, 'The Trongate PHP Framework or even 'Trongate PHP'.

The Logo

Below is an assortment of high resolution images for the Trongate logo. All of which can be used freely and anywhere of your choosing. There is no need to ask for permission. To save, simply right click and then choose 'Save As...'.

Trongate Logo With Dark Blue Background

Dark Blue background

Trongate Logo With Black Background

Black background

Trongate Logo With White Background

White background

Trongate Logo With Transparent Background

White background


Our logo uses the following hex codes:


The Name Of Our Desktop App

Our desktop app, which is available for free (and always will be free!) is called 'The Trongate Desktop App'.

License Information

The Trongate PHP framework is fully open source and adopts the MIT license.

The Trongate Desktop App does not have a license.

Our Code Sharing Ecosystem

The name for our app store is 'The Trongate Module Market'. However, for brevity it is sometimes referred to as The Module Market.

Font Information

Our logo contains the word 'TRONGATE'. For the text, we use the 'Space Age' font. However, in order for the text to appear correctly - using the Space Age font - it should be written as 'trOnGAtE' (note the alternating uppercase and lowercase letters).

Thinking About Talking About Trongate?

If you are a publisher or content creator and you're thinking about discussing Trongate, please do get in touch. We'll be happy to arrange for somebody to come on and answer any questions that you may have about the framework. The best way to get in touch is by using our contact us page.