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Other Learning Resources

Everyone who creates a Trongate tutorial anywhere is welcome to a link on this page. If you've created a Trongate tutorial, get in touch and let us know. We're happy to give you some thanks and credit!

David's YouTube Channel

Here's the YouTube channel of David Connelly - the founder of the Trongate framework. From here you'll get weekly tutorials, news and new editions of 'Framework Wars'. This is the place to go if you want to learn Trongate and watch other frameworks getting whooped!


The Official Docs

Here's the official online documentation for the Trongate framework. From here, you'll be able to learn all about the Trongate PHP framework and its vast assortment of powerful, often unique, features.


If there's anything in the docs you find to be confusing or if you spot any errors or typos, please let me know. You'll be doing everyone a favour.

Never let rubbish docs spoil your web development experience! (DC)

Other Resources For Learning About Trongate

Speed Coding Academy

If you'd like to learn how to build large scale commercial web applications at warp speed using Trongate then this is the place to be. You'll learn how to build online shops, machine learning applications, private members' websites, video streaming with AWS and much more!


YouTube Video Series

Here's a free YouTube video training series covering the Trongate framework. The focus of the series is form handling with Trongate. However, it goes very deep and covers about 90% of the framework.


Jitender's YouTube Channel (Hindi)

Here's a fabulous YouTube channel from Jitender Shekhawat. Here you'll find a rich assortment of training videos for Trongate - recorded in Hindi. If you happen to be a developer who speaks Hindi then this chanel is essential viewing!


The Trongate YouTube Channel

This channel has been created as a fallback, to be used the event of the David Connelly YouTube channel getting banned. However, there's live coding sessions happening here almost every day. If you enjoy watching live coding then maybe you'll like this.


The Simon Field YouTube Channel

Here's a YouTube channel from a Founding Member of Speed Coding Academy who has contributed to the Trongate framework. At the moment, Simon has training up on the Trongate VS Code Extension as well as "Smitty's Trongate Snippets" for Sublime Text users.


The Jake Castelli YouTube Channel

Here's another great YouTube channel from somebody else who has contributed to the framework. Jake Castelli. At the moment, Jake's channel has lots of videos covering the Trongate VS Code Extension. If VS Code is your thing then this is well worth a look.


Best of all... you!

If you have posted a tutorial for Trongate or if you have written an article or posted some kind of review, please do get in touch. We're eager to give credit to everyone who helps out.

The revolution needs you!