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Getting Started With Form Building

Our goal here will be to build a basic form handling system for a web app that has the following two modules:

To begin, we're going to use the Trongate Desktop App to quickly generate a new app with an 'authors' module. Once we have our authors module built, we'll then add some database records. Afterwards, we'll manually build a 'books' module, complete with full form handling functionality.

Let's Go!

Follow the video tutorial below to create a new app and build an 'authors' module.

"headline": "Video Demo",
"info": "Let me show you how to quickly create a new Trongate web app and then build an authors module in record time",

This entire project could be built in a few minutes using the Trongate Desktop App. However, the goal of these docs is to show you how to use the framework. So, we're only going to use the Desktop App at the beginning of this process. Afterwards, we'll do everything manually.