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Trongate's Approach To Form Handling

Trongate has an approach to form handling that may be rightfully called 'open ended'. By this, we mean that Trongate does not tie you down to any particular methodology when it comes to the business of building and processing forms. Trongate supports both client-side and server-side validation, leaving you - the developer - in the driving seat.

In this section, you'll be walked through a working example of how to build a form, complete with form validation and database interaction. Before we begin, here are three important things to be aware of:


In web development, there are thousands of different ways to deal with form building and form handling. What you're going to get here is just one technique from a seemingly inexhaustible amount of possible techniques. You do not have to stick to this method like glue. It should be considered a guide and nothing more.


The methods outlined here will utilise both:

  • The Form Helper
  • The Form Validation Helper

    If you are a mobile app developer or a JavaScript developer, you would be well advised to ignore this entire section of the documentation and instead refer to The Api Explorer Documentation.