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A General Overview Of File Uploading

A General Overview Of File Uploading

Trongate has everything you need to build your own custom file uploaders.  The process for building a file uploader is similar, in principle, to any normal form building situation.  This means that to build your own uploader you'll require a form, some validation tests, and so on.  For file uploading though, you'll require a destination folder as well.

Below is a list of all the main parts that make up a custom file builder.

  • a webpage with an uploader form
  • a method for receiving post requests from the uploader
  • some validation tests to make sure the submitted file meets our requirements
  • a means of gracefully dealing with errors
  • a destination folder where files are to be uploaded to
  • a little bit of configuration so that the uploader knows what to do with the file
  • a success message or page

As you can see, most of this list is made of entities that you'd expect to see in any ordinary form building scenario.

Coming Up

In the pages coming up, you'll be walked through all of the parts that make up a custom file uploader.  You can follow along if you wish, or, you can treat this as a reference.


If you have a question or a comment relating to anything you've see here, please goto the Help Bar.