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About These Docs

About These Docs

Please note, this is the documentation for the Trongate PHP framework.  So, the focus here is on writing PHP code and building custom, database-driven web apps by writing code.

The Trongate Desktop App gets a few mentions is these docs.  However, the focus here will be on using pure PHP, within the context of the Trongate framework.  It's very important for Trongate to be able to stand, as a PHP framework, on its own - without any desktop software, Module Markets or other exotic assets.

The Best Way To Learn Trongate 

The very best way to learn the fundamentals of the Trongate framework is to visit The Learning Zone.  This is a free resource that has been created where you can learn about Trongate through a combination of videos, text and online quizzes.  The URL for the Trongate Learning Zone is:


How To Get The Most From These Docs

You can read these docs from start to finish, or you can just dip in and out and use them as a reference.  The choice is yours.

Just To Let You Know
The usage of the Trongate Desktop App is covered in depth at Speed Coding Academy.  Alternatively, you can keep an eye on my YouTube channel.  I'm planning a lot of Trongate tutorials in the near future.  Here's the link to my YouTube channel:

And Finally...

Please, never give up on learning something because you had problems getting set up.  If you experience any challenges getting out of the starting blocks then please reach out to me and I'll be glad to help you, personally.

My email address is [email protected]

Best of luck!



If you have a question or a comment relating to anything you've see here, please goto the Help Bar.