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Additional Information

Additional Information

Trongate’s File Asset Manager raises some interesting questions to do with application structure. For example, let's assume that you build a picture uploader for a 'members' module. Perhaps the picture uploader is going to give members an opportunity to add pictures onto their profile pages.

Some developers may be tempted to have member pictures stored inside the 'members' module. This would certainly make the application extremely modular. Nevertheless, the recommendation for that kind of scenario would be to have member pictures stored inside the public directory - perhaps inside a 'member_pics' directory or some other appropriately named directory.

Your goal should be to create modules that are reusable. So, if another client asks for a similar feature in the future then you should be able to simply copy and paste your existing 'members' module without having to dig around, manually deleting member pictures.

Top Tip
If any of this has left you wondering, "Where should I store x?" or "How should I structure my app?" than that's okay!  Web development is full of grey areas and it's for you, the developer, to make the final decision about how your apps are going to be structured.  Don't worry!


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