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Getting Started With The API Explorer

Getting Started With The API Explorer

To get started with Trongate's API Explorer, you'll need:

  • a module
  • a database table with a name that matches the name of the module folder
  • an 'assets' folder inside the module

An Overview Of How It Works

To create custom API endpoints, you should create a file named api.json and save the file inside the 'assets' directory of your target module.

Once you have an api.json file created, your goal should be to define your own API endpoint settings in JSON format.  Each API endpoint setting may contain declarations such as:​

  • The API endpoint name
  • The URL where the API can be accessed
  • An HTTP request type
  • A text description of what the API endpoint does
  • A declaration as to what fields are required
  • A declaration whether optional parameters can be submitted
  • Authorization rules
  • A before hook
  • An after hook

All of this will be covered in the rest of this chapter.  In the meantime, to give  you an idea of what we're building up to, here's a screenshot taken from a working api.json file.  The file below was created automatically by the Trongate Desktop App and it contains a variety of API settings for a 'bands' module:



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