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How Trongate Works With Databases

How Trongate Works With Databases

Trongate comes with a fully featured class for assisting with database interaction.  The class is called 'Model' and is stored on a file, inside the engine folder, named Model.php.

The Model class contains the following methods:

  • Get
  • Get Where
  • Get Where Custom
  • Get One Where
  • Get Many Where
  • Count
  • Count Where
  • Count Rows
  • Get Max
  • Insert
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Query
  • Query Bind
  • Insert Batch

Top Tip
When you're working with the Model, get comfortable with the idea of opening up Model.php and having a quick look at the methods to find out how they work and what arguments they might accept.

Coming Up

We're going to explore each of the methods above, but first - let's consider how to get set up and also how to view the SQL queries that are generated when we use the Model.


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