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Introducing Modular HAVC

Introducing Modular HAVC

The Trongate framework is a perfect choice for developers who are interested in building large scale web apps that are scalable, stable and performant.  Early benchmark tests suggest that Trongate massively out-performs every other popular PHP framework in terms of page load speed.  Even micro-frameworks like Lumen cannot get close to the levels of performance that Trongate has! 

Many thanks to Adam Spencer for donating these results

Just To Let You Know
The benchmark results above were achieved using a fully-loaded version of Trongate.  This means, all helper classes were instantiated, and a database connection was established at the point when page requests were being recorded.

How Come Trongate Is So Fast?

There are two reasons why Trongate massively outperforms other leading PHP frameworks.  Framework makers from elsewhere, take note!

  • Trongate is the only framework that takes full advantage of PHP's incredible speed.  Specifically, this means refraining from using PSR-4 autoloading.
  • Trongate use a unique modular architectural pattern called HAVC.  This stands for Hierarchical Assets View Controller.
  • Hierarchical Assets View Controller (HAVC architecture)

    If you understand the MVC software design pattern then you'll have no difficulty in understanding HAVC.  That's because HAVC is a natural progression from MVC.


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