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Introducing Trongate CSS

Introducing Trongate CSS

Trongate comes complete with a CSS library named Trongate CSS.  This CSS library helps Trongate developers to easily produce beautiful looking pages.  The idea of a PHP framework coming with its own CSS library is certainly a bit unusual - perhaps even a first for the PHP community.  However, Trongate CSS raises the bar by bringing a unique feature to the table. It uses pure HTML.

Using 'pure HTML' means that there are no special rules to learn and no assortment of classes, spans or divs to contend with.  Like Trongate, the PHP framework, Trongate CSS has been designed to be 'v1 forever'.

To use Trongate CSS, simply add the following line of code onto the 'head' section of your templates:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?= BASE_URL ?>css/trongate.css">

Video Demo

Here's a video, covering everything you need to know about Trongate CSS


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