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Passing Information Into Templates

Passing Information Into Templates

In order to have our templates receive and display information from other modules, we have to do a little preparation work on our 'templates' module.

Step 1: Modify your template invoking method so that it accepts a $data array and then passes the area into the (template) view file.  For example,

function public($data) {
    load('public', $data);

Step 2: Pass a $data array, as an argument, when calling your template from another module.  For example (on Welcome.php):

function greeting() {
    $data['name'] = 'David';
    $data['age'] = 21;
    $this->template('public', $data);

That's it!  Now your data will be available from inside your template's view file.  It's precisely the same mechanism as you would have with an ordinary view file.

Let's take the idea a little further.  In the next page, we'll cover how pass view files (complete with dynamic information) into templates.


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