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Welcome To The Revolution

Welcome To The Revolution

dedicated to Terry Davis (1969 - 2018)

"An idiot admires complexity. A genius admires simplicity." —Terry Davis, The King of Programming

PHP is powerful.  PHP is performant.  PHP is the dominant server-side technology of the internet.  Over the last decade, PHP has maintained and built upon a massive lead over the competition - increasing market share from 72.5 percent to 78.9 percent.  Thanks to PHP 8, we've now reached a stage where PHP runs at over twice the speed of rival technologies such as Python and Ruby.

Unfortunately, however, since around 2015 there has only been one way of doing PHP.  That is by using the Composer / Packagist / PSR trio, as recommended by PHPFIG.

If you enjoy using things like Composer and Packagist then please stop reading these docs, forget about Trongate and let me wish you the best of luck!  

For those who are still reading, perhaps you are part of a growing number of developers who have started to ask perfectly legitimate questions about some of the choices being made by framework makers.

For instance:

Is PSR-4 autoloading really the best way to load PHP classes?

Who really benefits from the frequent rewriting of frameworks like Laravel and Symfony?

Are code-sharing websites like Packagist serving the PHP community or holding us back?

What's the point in a PHP framework having a templating engine when PHP itself is a templating engine?

In the past, if you were a PHP developer and you didn't like things like Composer and PSR-4 autoloading then you were out of luck. Now, for the first time, PHP developers who think outside the box have a framework and a community that they can call home. Pure PHP is back!

Trongate is at the heart of a brave new web development revolution.  Those of us who built Trongate believe that PHP is best when it's simple, easy and - above all - stable.  

Even though Trongate delivers class leading benchmarks, you should not use Trongate because of speed.  As a matter of fact, I want you to forgot about benchmarks!  Trongate means stability.  That's Trongate's flagship feature.  No other framework on Earth is more committed to stability than Trongate. Stability is the thing that Trongate prioritises the most and stability means v1 forever. 

If you're tired of being inconvenienced with pointless and annoying framework rewrites then you should choose Trongate.  If you want to build large scale commercial web applications, launch them and leave them online for ten years then you should use Trongate.  If you want to never be bothered by framework certification or self-appointed governing bodies then you should use Trongate.  If you believe in keeping web developent free, open and accessible for all then you should use Trongate.

So, join the revolution and let's remind the world why PHP is the world's leading server side technology!

David Connelly - creator of Trongate


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