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Trongate is a powerful and flexible PHP framework designed to streamline the development of web applications. Whether you're building a simple website, a RESTful API, or a complex enterprise application, Trongate provides the tools and structure you need to succeed.

While Trongate is known for its impressive speed, its primary focus is on stability. This puts Trongate in stark contrast to other PHP frameworks - some of which are subjected to ongoing rewrites. By prioritizing a stable core, Trongate allows PHP developers to build robust, highly performant applications with confidence, knowing that their foundation is rock-solid.

Top Five Reasons To Use Trongate

Reason 1: Stability

Trongate is the only PHP framework (as far as we know!) that prioritizes stability above all else. The framework is updated and improved constantly. What sets Trongate apart is the belief that it should be not only possible but normal to enhance PHP frameworks without constantly breaking them.

Reason 2: No Third-Party Libraries

Frameworks that rely on third-party code are often subject to external security concerns and frequent updates that can disrupt projects. While third-party libraries can be useful, they should not form the core of a PHP framework. Trongate avoids this pitfall by offering its own JavaScript libraries, CSS library, API manager, graphical query builder, code generator, and more - enabling developers to get up and running without relying on external dependencies.

Reason 3: Outrageously Fast Benchmarks

As far as we know, Trongate is the fastest PHP framework in the world. Its lightweight core and optimized architecture ensure lightning-fast performance, making it ideal for developers who need quick load times and efficient resource usage. By minimizing bloat and avoiding unnecessary dependencies, Trongate delivers exceptional speed, allowing you to build high-performance applications with ease. This incredible speed can significantly enhance user experience, making it a compelling reason to choose Trongate for your next project.

Reason 4: Truly Modular Architecture

Unlike frameworks relying on Composer-managed 'vendor' directories, Trongate loads modules independently, reducing overhead and significantly boosting performance.

Trongate's truly modular architecture fosters modular encapsulation, where each module operates as a self-contained MVC unit. This approach enhances scalability, simplifies maintenance, and promotes code reusability and flexibility, empowering developers to build, collaborate, and expand applications efficiently.

Reason 5: Easy to Learn

Trongate prides itself on being incredibly easy to learn. Its syntax closely resembles pure PHP, favoring conventions like snake case that are familiar to PHP developers. This simplicity not only shortens the learning curve for new developers but also enhances productivity and code readability throughout the development lifecycle.

Get Involved

If you discover any discrepancies or errors, such as typos or technical mistakes, we warmly encourage you to contribute. You can easily submit an issue or a pull request through our GitHub repository.

Additionally, if you are interested in enriching the Trongate framework documentation by contributing your writing skills, we welcome your input! Your expertise could greatly benefit the community.

Visit our GitHub repository to start contributing today:


Just One More Thing...

In the world of web development frameworks, success often gets measured by GitHub stars. To bolster the momentum and visibility of Trongate, we invite you to lend your support. A simple star on GitHub can make a huge difference and can help to propel Trongate forward.

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