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Accessing Child Modules Via The URL

The process of accessing parent modules - either via the URL or via other modules - is entirely unchanged. So, nothing new to learn there! Just access your parent modules the way you would normally access any normal Trongate modules.

Child Modules are a little different.

To access child modules via the URL, prefix the first segment of the URL with the name of the parent module followed by a hyphen. For example, let's assume that we want to access our accessories child module. More specifically, let's assume that we'd like to invoke the 'display()' method. We could invoke this by navigating to the URL:


This would, of course, be assuming that 'accessories' is inside a parent module called 'cars'.

Creating Links

To create a text link that invokes the display() method, inside accessories, we could use the following code:

<?= anchor("cars-accessories/display", "view accessories") ?>

Again, notice how the first segment of the URL contains the parent module (in this case, 'cars') followed by a hyphen.