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What Are Parent And Child Modules?

Previously, child modules required additional code in order to work. Specifically, they required a constructor and destructor. You may have even seen tutorials going over this. However, the additional code for child modules is no longer a requirement. Ordinary modules can work inside ordinary modules.

The Trongate framework gives developers the ability to have modules contained within modules. When a module contains one or more modules, the parent module is referred to as being a parent module. In Trongate, child modules (i.e., modules that are contained within parent modules) are called child modules.

There's no command line required and definitely no need for any Packagist, Composer or vendor/autoload!

Imagine being able to drop just one directory into your app and immediately having:

Trongate makes this possible.

All you have to do - to take advantage of parent modules and child modules - is add a module inside an existing module and also be aware of a few rules that will assist you in calling your child modules.