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What Issue Does the Module Import Wizard Address?

It seems almost unbelievable but until now PHP developers have not had a means of easily sharing code without having to go through third-party, privately owned websites like Packagist or GitHub.

Trongate Changes Everything

Trongate was built with the belief that developers should be in full control of their own code. The Module Import Wizard makes this possible. With Trongate's Module Import Wizard, it's easy to move features from an old app into a new app. As a matter of fact, it's as simple as good old copy and pasting. No command line is required and you don't have to install anything. Now, isn't that a nice idea?

Modularity Matters

Thanks to Trongate's unique architecture, PHP developers can now have features (including very advanced features!) self-contained within a single directory called a 'module'. Don't forget, Trongate lets you have modules within modules. So, there's no limit to how advanced your modules can be. This means that PHP developers now have an opportunity to take a feature from one app then add it onto another, simply by copying and pasting. Yes, it's that easy!

Simple But Very Important

The importance of giving web developers full control over their own code cannot be stressed enough. Trongate is the only PHP framework with this kind of functionality. So, with Trongate, developers can enjoy improved security because all of their modules have a single point of accountability. This puts Trongate in stark contrast with a system like Packagist where perfectly anonymous developers have the ability to mess with your code without you even knowing who they are or what they're doing!

What The Module Import Wizard Does

The Trongate module import wizard helps developers to literally copy and paste entire features from one app onto another. If you have a module that depends upon some SQL code then that's no problem - the Module Import Wizard can help with that too. In the next page, there's a short video demonstration of the Module Import Wizard in action.

Please do take a few moments to have a look.