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Features and Benefits

The Trongate website at trongate.io was built using Trongate CSS.

Trongate CSS brings an assortment of features and benefits to Trongate users. These include:

V1 Forever

Because Trongate CSS uses pure HTML it means that your code will have a greater chance of being future proof. Even as different design trends come and go, your underlying HTML code is unlikely to change.

A Blank Canvas For Third Party Libraries

Developers who like to use third party libraries can do so without having their HTML "polluted" with Trongate CSS. That's because Trongate CSS uses pure HTML and refrains from forcing developers to add classes or following other irritating rules. If you don't want to use Trongate CSS then simply don't load it. Your HTML will be pure, untarnished and ready to be tweaked in any way you like.

Streamlined Tutorials

In the past, web development tutorials for PHP frameworks often came with an obligatory ten-minute set up phase. The opening ten minutes or so would be spent declaring which helpers to load and then either writing CSS or apologising for having pages that looked awful. Trongate CSS lets trainers get straight to work. There's nothing to set up and everything looks beautiful out of the box.

The idea of having a CSS framework that makes pure HTML look beautiful without adding additional spans, divs and classes seems like a pretty obvious thing to do, doesn't it? Actually, it's probably in the category of being a complete no-brainer!

In spite of it being such an obvious thing to build, bizarrely, we cannot find an example of another CSS library that does this!