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Framework Wars

Welcome to Framework Wars - Let the battle begin!

PLEASE NOTE: The 'opponents' who have been selected for Framework Wars are not incompetent developers. On the contrary, they are the very best of the best. Hire them. Learn from them. Appreciate them. Admire them. Respect them. Their integrity and their skills are not in question. Framework Wars is designed to give people an opportunity to see Trongate going against other web development frameworks. It is not in any way a critique of any other developer(s).

If you're lucky enough to appear in an edition of 'Framework Wars', it means we think you're one of the best developers in the world. We honour your skills and we appreciate your work!

Node.js vs Trongate

Codeigniter vs Trongate

Trongate vs Phalcon

Laravel vs Trongate

Which framework would you like to see getting whooped next?

Get in touch and let me know. The choice is yours!

Suggest a battle

Think you've found a framework that's faster than Trongate? Get in touch and suggest a battle.