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Custom Routing : Include Custom Routes

Topic started by Reconix on Friday 14th January 2022

open 2 75

One day this may just happen. 'thankyou' => 'paypal/thankyou' 'common-questions'...

Posted 4 hours ago by Greenkey

Pagination query

Topic started by [email protected] on Sunday 23rd January 2022

open 1 10

Hey Darron, Need more information. What is the url you are trying to...

Posted 11 hours ago by djnordeen


Topic started by charlesluck59 on Tuesday 18th January 2022

open 11 86

Yes I agree...

Posted 16 hours ago by djnordeen

modifications to upload_file in Trongate.php

Topic started by mjim on Friday 21st January 2022

resolved 2 32

Thanks Dan. Yes, Trongate.php is the only core file I changed so I will...

Posted 2 days ago by mjim

Tutorials? Examples?

Topic started by charlesluck59 on Sunday 16th January 2022

open 4 79

Hi Charles, I agree totally with your opening paragraph and many could...

Posted 5 days ago by DaFa

Setting up email

Topic started by djnordeen on Thursday 13th January 2022

resolved 8 139

I should have said it was both. Auth and email module. I have to learn...

Posted 6 days ago by djnordeen

Minima a nostrum max

Topic started by huzuhiw on Saturday 15th January 2022

open 1 57

Hi huzuhlw, Your comment ranslated to English is 'Free to enjoy u'....

Posted 8 days ago by DaFa