Vtl Data Generator now supports creating Tables

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Posted by Dom on Friday 31st May 2024 at 12:18 GMT

I have finally finished creating a visual Database table builder. It can be seen in action here


This is still a work in progress, It's beyond Alpha but not yet beyond Beta. I'm sorry that this new feature, and some of the others as well are not yet fully documented, that is this weekend's job.

The plan is to also allow you to create Modules for newly created tables but that will involve a lot of work.

I have also been looking at adding a visual query builder that shows the data you'll get back as you create the query. That will be a long job.
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Posted by Doranov on Wednesday 26th June 2024 at 17:05 GMT

Looks good, Dom.

I sometimes have primary keys that are not integers, but smallint or mediumint. Will that be an option in your application?
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Posted by DaFa on Thursday 27th June 2024 at 01:30 GMT

nice work Dom! however, would be great if you had commentary or a YT video we can reference from the module market.
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Posted by Dom on Thursday 27th June 2024 at 08:13 GMT


Currently the Generator does the following with regard to bigint;
$value = $faker->randomNumber();

and with smallint
$value = $faker->numberBetween(1, 32767);

From the perspective of primary keys, neither is ideal, the logical approach would be to customise of the primary key based on it's name, an example of how to do that is in the current documentation, using the unique command.

There is an argument to be made for adding a specific Primary key provider that takes into account the fact that not everyone uses auto incremented Pk's. Personally I frequently use guids. Their use comes at a price but it ratchets up database security to another level.

I thinks this warrants further discussion, so I will bring it up next time I see you in the chat on a live stream.


Unfortunately I rather think that you are correct and that some form of video is going to be required for this now. I've put it off because frankly creating them is not exactly a strong point, and that is putting it mildly.

I am hoping to finally get version 3.0 released later on today. It is a significant rewrite and refactor. The underlying code is more efficient and it can handle creating much larger datasets. I've also tried to make it more of a customisable development tool in that if you want to you can download it once and then actively customise it to your own particular liking, making it's reuse in multiple projects more appropriate. There's also a rather neat visual table editor that works in much the same way as the visual table builder.

The UI has been improved, DC was correct that it was pretty crap, and I have, to the nest of my ability , tidied up the css. Neither of these will ever be perfect , the vast majority of work that I do simply doesn't utilise a UI so I tend to produce howlers on those occasions that I need to produce them.

The good thing about the rewrite is that the code base has shrunk, which gives more more room to look at a couple of other thinks I'd like to do and still keep the module within the zip size limitation that exists.

Thank you both for taking the time to look at it, I appreciate it.

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