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Posted by viewfinder on Wednesday 30th March 2022 at 15:07 GMT

Hello David & The Trongate Community,
I just wanted to say a large hello to you and acknowledge from afar that I found your Codeigniter series hugely useful a decade or so ago and we have almost parallel careers. OK - I'm not the web developer extraordinaire - and OK, I've not built my own framework from scratch.
But spookily, I believe I am exactly or around your age just coming up to my 45th Bday in April. And I began working with the web in '99 and 2001 when I started with PHP. I also have an English degree - weird huh? Also - we both seem to have a remarkable respect for the C64 and that I followed Terry Davis all through his manias in real time and watched with interest what he was up to.
I hope you're equally disturbed as I was with his deeply racist and misogynist beliefs... but yeah - a very interesting mind despite that - and the sheer anarchy of his ideas about technology and sticking to the man appealed to me also. I haven't worked for anyone else in over 20 years etc ect.
At the moment I'm here as a fan that is yet to download and try the system, but enormously impressed by what you have shown in the videos.
I'm balls deep in some dependency heavy tailwind horror soup so I'll bid you fare well for now. But I'll be back early Summer and will try it out and see if I can add anything to your community.
But headline is: ENORMOUS RESPECT.


(I totally see this is the wrong place for this so won't be remotely offended if deleted :) )


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Posted by Davcon on Saturday 2nd April 2022 at 21:18 GMT

Thank you. I don't usually chat on discussion forums but I'll certainly make an exception here.

That's great to hear and I appreciate your vibe.
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