Admin Login Persistence?

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Posted by Charles Luck on Tuesday 6th February 2024 at 22:21 GMT

Let's try this again.
From a vanilla upload of the Trongate framework, this is what I encounter.
I login into the admin backend, with the default id and password, or any admin id that I happen to define thereafter, as soon as I click "HOME" and return the default Welcome screen, I have to login in again to return to the admin. There doesn't seem to be any persistence to the session once I exit admin; whether I logged out or not.
Is that intended functionality?
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Posted by DaFa on Wednesday 7th February 2024 at 06:18 GMT

Hi Charles,

Thanks for your post, which can be easily explained. With a freshly installed Trongate app; be it directly installed from GitHub or via the Desktop app. The 'ENV' variable defined in 'config.php' is set to 'dev', for development mode.
define('ENV', 'dev');
When in 'dev' mode the framework will automatically log you in and also behave differently in other sections too. However, if you change it to say 'live', you will see that you can't go to
without logging in first. I hope that clears things up for you.

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