How does one upload a trongate app to a server so it runs

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Posted by Fin Motolinia on Friday 17th May 2024 at 14:05 GMT

Hello all.
This has been a massive headache. Bottom line is 500 code.
I did realize xampp needed updating and now is at 8.2.12 and my hostgator centOS7 is at 8.2.18, however dont understand how this will affect compatibility but it kept coming up in my search through helpbar. It looks xampp server api is apache 2.0, and CentOS is running FPM/fastCGI.

After some other confusion with A records and ns's between registrar and host, everything else I put on my server runs, info.php, index.html.

mod_rewrite was something I finally tracked down as installed, commands involving rewrite were not working for me, so I started looking into admin/ sudo user commands. I bought a new vps server running CentOS 7 for the root access, I wanted to make sure Trongate worked smoothly as root and password are required for database actions that Trongate revolves around and wasnt sure I could get Trongate working on old shared server, especially if the app gains good business traction.

I have a Root and a cpanel user set up with different passwords, apparently correctly. So I Checked server logs and pointed to AH01630, I tried learning about and using sudo commands next for apt-get update but command not found, so that route didnt work. I've been going in circles this week trying to go live. I even learned how to get a fresh reposit off Git "tg_app", in config I changed BASE_URL from localhost to 'sitename.com/'. Permissions all seem to be fine as far as file codes, 0755 or 0644. I am going to try installing wordpress at this point and see if it helps configure my server in a way I can insert my trongate app to run as my php "website".

In the past I remember getting a trongate app live but it WAS on a site which had wordpress installed prior, so things like htaccess, cgi-bin where established. starting off with a bare vps server I'm guessing I was missing alot of mods/settings/apps/directories but I am not on that level of webdev to understand, at this point I have followed a couple setup tutorials for my server.

I hope someone can come up with a good answer on getting a trongate app live on a new server. It feels I am getting everything wrong that can go wrong.
hoping if I can get tg_app working I can just drop the project Im working on in to it more or less.

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Posted by DaFa on Saturday 18th May 2024 at 02:32 GMT

Hi Fin, not knowing your hosts services available to you and their settings. My gut-feel is that Trongate is not being served correctly going by your php 500 errors. Either permissions or .htaccess. Can you confirm that you have Apache 2.4 installed and mod_rewrite is enabled? I'd be looking at that first with a clean install of Trongate. Then ensure php has the correct permissions. Then move to your database settings. Once that's done try changing ENV to 'live' and do a few db writes with Trongate Pages and test the Trongate admin panel and a few api-explorer calls to ensure all is working as expected in a live state. Then if all is well, upload your app. If you are still failing at the first step, you should approach your provider for help. BTW, Trongate does work with Nginx and Caddy, you just need to emulate/set rules to mimic .htaccess files.

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