I don't usually talk about my projects and what nought but I am writing this because I think it says something about the framework.

A few days ago I was feeling very sorry for myself because my YouTube channel wasn't doing as well as I had hoped. I had been putting out tutorials that I felt were good but the YouTube stats were tumbleweeds. For a day or two I thought about quitting YouTube and retreating into a much more private lifestyle. Of course, this was all slightly ridiculous because YouTube - and indeed social media, generally - is just a small part of the web development universe.

The Cream Always Rises To The Top

So... I hope I have set the scene. A very miserable and failing YouTube channel and then little old me feeling even more miserable.

Let me get straight to it.

A few people have spotted my tutorials on YouTube and they appear to like how I code.

The upshot is, I've landed a couple of really great gigs that I think will (hopefully!) provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase Trongate. I'm not allowed to discuss these projects just now and I must respect client privacy. However, I can tell you that one of them is for an organisation based in Dubai. The other is - for me - something of a dream project. Whenever I've popped into somewhere like McDonald's or Dominos I've always been fascinated by their IT. The idea of doing a full McDonald's-style IT system has always been something that I quite fancied having a go at. Anyway, it's all a bit too early to go into this and I don't want to count my chickens before they've hatched but let's just say I'm confident that some very cool stuff for the marketplace is going to be getting made using Trongate. The people who have started to reach out to me are not household names. They're just ordinary, hard working business owners who want a decent app. Incidentally, I predict we that will have household-name companies using Trongate within the next three years. You heard it here first!

What makes all of this interesting is the circumstances of this recent activity.

One of the gigs (and again, I apologise for not being able to discuss details) is for a company who were badly let down by another development agency. Frankly, somebody out there paid good money for a site and got left with a complete botch job - packed with third party everything. Frankly, they needed a miracle and I write with the assumption that they might read this article.

The requirements of this particular gig involves doing about three months worth of work in about ten days. The spec is ridiculous. Actually, it's borderline insane. Totally unreasonable. For anyone using any other framework this task would have been impossible. I'm absolutely sure of it. For Trongate users, it's just another day at the office.

Trongate Solves Problems That Other Frameworks Create

I've always been clear about Trongate's main selling point. It's stability. We're V1 forever, baby.

Of course, we also happen to have the fastest PHP framework in the world, according to all reasonable definitions of the word 'speed'.

The upshot is, business owners love Trongate.

I'll say it again.

Business owners LOVE Trongate.

One more time and let's all say it together...


They love the speed. The love the stability. They love the scalability. They love how it doesn't use third party libraries.

So, over the last forty-eight hours it has become clear to me that Trongate is going to occupy a very unique space in the marketplace. Trongate is now being positioned as the framework for business owners who just want stuff to get built right first time. That's our calling card and I like the sound of it! What do you think?

My friends, I may have failed on YouTube but out there in the marketplace Trongate is WINNING.

Every single one of you who has stood by me will never be forgotten. I remember every moment. I think about you every day. We WILL have our day. Together, we WILL keep the doors of web development open and nobody on Earth can stop us.

So, stand tall, troubadours. Trongate is on the move and business owners love Trongate.

Together, we SHALL make PHP great again.