Merry Christmas, folks!

I can confirm that I have been exploring the possibility of rewriting PHP using the C++ programming language. PHP (the core code) is written in 'C' and it appears to be in a dreadful state. The biggest problem appears to be that nobody knows how some of the key features (of PHP) work! This would not be a bad thing were it not for the fact that the main contributor of PHP has now moved on. Please see my "if Steve Jobs was in charge of the PHP Foundation" video for details.

From a technical perspective, the idea of building a language that uses OOP (i.e., PHP), using a language that does not have OOP functionality (i.e., C) doesn't seem like a smart decision. Even though I'm not familiar with the 'C' code that makes up PHP, my speculation is that it's probably a bit of a hack job.

Furthermore, I don't have confidence in the self-appointed aficionados who have made themselves the guardians of the PHP language. If they have their way then we can expect more rewrites, more over-engineering, more exams, more bureaucracy and more of PHP being the laughing stock of the rest of the IT community.

I think PHP is worth saving.

Regardless of how well-intentioned the PHP Foundation may be, their strategy of throwing money at a problem so that they can employ some 'C' programming hot shot to 'fix PHP' strikes me as being a bit weak. Even if they find somebody who is up to the job (I don't think they will), that programmer will be able to effectively hold the entire PHP community to ransom. To me it just doesn't seem like a pro-active solution.

The good news is, PHP is way ahead of Ruby and Python in terms of performance. PHP 8 is outstanding. It's certainly up to the job and I'm sure it will be good to go for at least another four or five years.

However, the clock is ticking and already I can see one or two features that PHP needs but does not have.

In short, I think there's a HUGE case for rewriting PHP.

I'm 75% sure that I could get a working PHP alternative built within 18 months.

Provisionally, I'm calling this new language, P++ (a combination of PHP and C++).

From a technical perspective, our new programming language would bring all the power and flexibility of C++ to PHP. Both PHP developers and C++ developers would feel at home. It would be easy to learn and built for speed.

From a managerial perspective, it would be ran in a similar style to Go. This means an emphasis on; performance, simplicity and stability. Everything would be open source. If you weren't happy with anything then you'd be legally entitled to just fork the language and do whatever you like. Nobody (including me) would be able to stop you!

Everything would be documented. Every single commit would be on GitHub. Everyone in the world would be welcome to submit pull requests. Furthermore, I would personally produce a video series - on YouTube and for free - documenting how the language was built and - most importantly - how to add code to the language. OUR language.

As an industry first, we would have community votes every step of the way. This means that YOU would have an opportunity to offer feedback on matters like; how to declare variables and other best practices.

Just to let you know, I'm currently about one week away from being able to get the C++ certificate on W3Schools. Thereafter, I'm going to start building some prototype web servers as a proof of concept.

IF I am able to get the w3Schools certification under my belt AND IF I'm able to show all of you some test prototype servers, would you be willing to support me in this journey?




*** If you'd like to vote on this matter, please visit https://www.youtube.com/user/davidjconnelly/community ***