Trongate is PHP's first 'v1 forever' framework. However, that does not mean that Trongate will never be updated. It really means that we're committed to never sending you a nasty email in the middle of the night, telling you that everything has been rewritten. In truth, the Trongate framework and ecosystem gets worked on every day. Along the road, important decisions are constantly being made with regards to the workings of Trongate.

This week we held our first community driven vote. This is where a question was asked, relating to Trongate file uploaders.

We asked if file uploaders should upload files to the public directory or the module directory. The response was fantastic. Not only were people responsive to our vote but the comments were all fantastic as well. There was an interesting suggestion about having an AWS file-uploader option. Whilst that wasn't an option that's available it seems highly likely that it's only a matter of time before several AWS modules are uploaded to the Trongate Module Market.

The other good thing about the vote result is that virtually everyone favoured a 'Trongate-like' modular architecture as opposed to the industry norm of just uploading files to the public folder.

Moving forward, you can expect more votes. Indeed, there will be a formalised voting system added to this website in the very near future. The idea of having key framework decisions being made by the community certainly sounds exciting, doesn't it?

The results of our vote, what this means for Trongate AND the response will be published an implemented within the next 72 hours. Expect a follow-up article shortly.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels