I'm pleased to let you know that the material for the intermediate Learning Zone training is now being uploaded. The intermediate training is where you get a chance to really get to grips with Trongate. This is where you'll learn about a wide range of topics such as; Trongate CSS, working with dates and times, uploading files and much more. Once the intermediate training is done then we'll be going straight onto the advanced training. The advanced training is where you'll learn about topics like how to take the pain out of table joins with Trongate's graphical query builder. You'll also learn about how to submit modules and even your own themes (i.e., webpage designs) to the Module Market. I hope you enjoy the intermediate training. From here on in, you should see new content being added to the Learning Zone every three days. Also, just to give you a quick heads up - I have a really cool machine learning tutorial due to go onto YouTube this Tuesday. This particular tutorial will be using Trongate in combination with an excellent machine learning library called 'Rubix'. I've put quite a lot of work into preparing this one and I'm optimistic about it being a good tutorial. If you're interested in learning about machine learning then keep an eye on my YouTube channel around the 20th December. The URL is; https://www.youtube.com/@davidconnelly Cheers! DC