Coming up with original tutorial ideas on YouTube is very difficult. No matter what you think of, somebody seems to have always put something out that's similar. So, for that reason, we're keeping our cards close to our chest at the moment. However, we can exclusively tell you is this: The next Trongate video tutorial on YouTube is going to be a game changer.

Next week's YouTube tutorial will solve a fundamental problem that has faced teachers of web development since the dawn of the web.

And what is that problem?

One word: Momentum.

Consider this:

Let's assume that you'd like to learn how to build an online shop, or a dating app, or a real estate website, or some other web development app.

The challenge facing web development trainers who teach that kind of material is that a huge amount of time has to be spent doing the design. Sometimes - of course - the actual design could take many hours. This leaves web development trainers with the following options:

  1. Do a really rubbish design

  2. Ask the viewer viewing to go through some kind of lengthy download process

  3. Don't bother doing good tutorials

Of course, in truth, the situation is considerably more bleak that this. Building a decent online shop - for example - requires building multiple login systems, password forgot features and an entire catalogue of assets that have - for the most part - nothing to do with online shops! All of this leaves both trainers and developers with a massive backlog of prep-work that has to be covered before key items, like how to accept payments online can even be discussed!

Unfortunately, some YouTubers of the web development genre choose the easy option and they produce uninspiring tutorials covering bland topics such as how to build a to-do list manager. Or, let's not forget the ulgy twin sister of that boring tutorial, "How to build a shopping list manager". Let's face it. It's boring and it uninspiring.

How Trongate Is About To Raise The Bar In YouTube

In the past, if you wanted to learn how to build an advanced or interesting aspect of web development, you'd have to sit through loads of design and preparation videos. For example, David Connelly's 'build an online shop with Codeigniter' was 136 videos - some of which were over 40 minutes long. As well intentioned as something like this may be, the tragedy of the whole experience is that there are only two or three videos in the entire series that actually teach core concepts to do with online shop building! Therefore, teaching web development on YouTube is a bit like taking somebody on holiday, however, before you can get to the nice destination, you have to drive through ten thousand miles worth of swampland.

Everybody who teaches on YouTube knows about this problem. Nobody has solved it ...until now.

Next week, Trongate raises the bar on how web development gets taught on YouTube. Thanks to our Desktop App, combined with the power of the Trongate Modular Market, we're going to be introducing the world to WARP SPEED TUTORIALS. These tutorials will allow viewers to install the boring stuff (usually design related) at the click of a button. This means that for the first time, you'll be able to focus on the good stuff. The gold!

A new type of web development tutorial is about to appear and Trongate is leading the way.

Do not miss next week's tutorial. It's going to be a beauty.