Until now, we haven’t really had a decent mechanism for providing technical support for the Trongate framework. That’s all about to change!

Introducing the Help Bar

The Help Bar is an exciting new addition to this website that will give Trongate users an opportunity to ask technical questions and get help. At the time of writing, it's not live but it will be live within the next forty-eight hours. Of course, it’ll all be for free. If you’re feeling altruistic then you’ll be able to answer questions and help out other members of the community.

But there’s more. Much more!

The Help Bar is designed to reward community members who are helpful. So, there be a points system in place with a prize going to the best problem solver. The points system will be as follows:

  • 1 point for answering or replying to a question

  • 5 points if you are the first user to answer or respond to a question

  • 20 points if the person who asked the question declares your response as ‘the winner’

At the end of the year, the person with the most points wins a prize! The value of the prize depends on how many GitHub stars Trongate has at the end of the year.

The starter prize is a $100 Amazon voucher.


If Trongate is a top ten PHP framework (based on GitHub stars) by the end of the year, the prize will be upgraded to a $300 Amazon voucher.

If Trongate is a top three PHP framework (based on GitHub stars) by the end of the year then the prize will be either a new MacBook Air or - if you prefer - any other new laptop of the same value.

If Trongate is the top PHP framework (based on GitHub stars) by the end of the year then you’ll win the ultimate grand prize which will be ALL OF YOUR BILLS PAID FOR ONE YEAR. This will be a cash payment to the value of $2,000 per month every month for one year!

The Help Bar is expected to go up on or before 10th January. If you’re reading this after the 10th January then it’s probably already up.

Enjoy the Trongate Help Bar. Help is here if you want it!


Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels