Just kidding - that's not it!

The masterpiece above was actually submitted by 'TrefwoodPunk' - a Trongate user who attended today's YouTube livestream.

Now, pull yourself together and let's talk about the Trongate logo:

For a while we have been using the 'chess-piece' logo and it has served us well. However, there were - unfortunately - a few issues with the chess-piece logo, namely:

  • It was disjointed from our 'Trongate' text

  • It was not original and left opportunities for potential trademark challenges

  • It was poorly drawn

  • It was looking in a backward direction

Below is reminder of what the old, 'chess-piece' logo looks like:

When our original 'chess-piece' logo was adopted, a great deal of energy was being poured into the code generator. At that time, automatic code generation was the flagship feature of Trongate. Since the knight is the only chess-piece that's allowed to jump (skip) over other pieces on the board, we felt that it was an appropriate image to represent Trongate - the idea being that Trongate lets you skip over some of the boilerplate code production. Since then, our priority has changed. Today, Trongate's flagship feature is not automatic code generation. It's stability. Trongate is v1 forever.

Therefore, we've decided to find a new image that can be used to represent something that is solid, simple, stable and dependable. A literal framework upon which dreams can be built. We also wanted something that would give our 'TRONGATE' text more vertical height. A series of votes have been held (during this live stream) and the verdict was unanimous. Once again, the community has spoken. You have voted for a newer, more modern logo. Our logo is simple. Our logo is scalable. Our logo says everything that the Trongate logo should say. Some have said it looks like a good representation of our unique truly modular architecture. Others have said that it is an image that tips the hat to the Commodore 64 and other great technological achievements that brought us to this point. To some, it's just a bunch of squares but to Trongate developers, it's our new logo.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new Trongate logo...

Of course, what you're getting here is our logo against a dark background. For scenarios where our new logo is to be used against a light background then the following alternative logo will be used:

High resolution, downloadable variations of the new Trongate logo can be found on our 'branding' page.

We hope you like the new logo. Over the next two weeks, you'll see our new logo being rolled out here on the Trongate website and also on our desktop app. Thank you for standing by us.

Together, we SHALL make PHP great again!

David Connelly