Hi folks,

Just to let you know, the members' area - and more specifically, the 'join' feature for this website - is now reopened.

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this but I had completely forgotten that it was 'under construction'. Thankfully, I had some messages that came in and I've finally found time to get it up and running.

For the record, you can join for free and Trongate - along with the desktop app - will always be free. However, I've added a feature in there that invites people to subscribe for the cost of a Happy Meal. Of course, that's entirely optional. You don't have to subscribe but to those who do, thank you!

By the way, building a subscription based site turned out to be about fifteen times more time consuming than I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, you can easily grab some code from Paypal and have a nice 'Subscribe' button added to any website in minutes. That's fairly easy. However, the tricky bit is building a secure IPN listener and having Paypal control member levels - based off of who has subscribed. It wasn't particularly difficult but it just went on and on. I'm very glad to have that behind me.

I've had a lot of Founding Members and Early Adopters offer to subscribe. I've even had a few members offer to subscribe for substantially more than the cost of a McDonald's Happy Meal. I'm really grateful for that. However, I've made the decision that I won't be accepting any of those things. The Founding Members and Early Adopters are all people who joined Speed Coding Academy very early. As a matter of fact - they quite literally funded the development of Trongate. So, I don't want to push my luck with anyone and I'll only be making subscriptions available to guest members and new people. If you are a Founding Member or Early Adopter and you've subscribed then please do go ahead and cancel your subscription.

What's Coming Up?

I have a few new framework tweaks and features that I haven't yet had a chance to discuss or document. For example, the new 'unique' form validation method. I'm looking forward to producing some content for that shortly.

In the meantime, the next huge milestone for Trongate will be opening up our Module Market for buyers and sellers. At the moment, we have a wide assortment of free modules available for download. As a matter of fact, we had a really great two factor authentication module (called 'mFactor') added by Apophis yesterday (thank you!). The Modules are indeed coming in thick and fast. Some of them are really good and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. However, by opening up the Trongate Module Market for buyers and sellers I'm really hoping that it will encourage developers to get creative and get involved.

Building a payment gateway for the Trongate Module Market is going to be a technically difficult and time consuming task. From a specifications perspective, we are building assets that are technically comparable to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. There are a lot of moving parts and I want to get this right first time. I won't give you an estimated finish date because I've done that before and it seems to always end in disappointment. What I can say, however, is that this will be our next big milestone and - starting this Thursday - I'll be going all in. Of course, I'll be using the Trongate framework for everything!

Thank You Lionel, The Tech Lead

A huge thank you goes the Lionel, "The Lead Lead", for giving me an opportunity to discuss Trongate on his YouTube channel.

It was the first time that I've had an opportunity to answer questions about Trongate and - for me - this was a real privilege.

Learning frameworks is not always easy. It's sort of like a time investment. So, we should not be surprised when developers cling onto their existing frameworks of choice and don't leave room to consider anything else. Given the fact that Lionel is coming from a non-Trongate background, I think that it was particularly good of him to give me that opportunity. So, I'm very grateful indeed for that and I hope I managed to do the framework some justice.

Here's the links for the interview on Lionel's YouTube channel (he made it a three part series):

Part 1
Title: "PHP absolutely dominates! Trongate Framework Founder Interview"
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxVSzH0774M

Part 2
Title: "PHP Composer is a House of Cards! Trongate Framework Founder Interview"
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X50omt3wFgU

Part 3
Title: "Trongate PHP Framework | No Libraries | Version 1 FOREVER"
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV5LOZvXaBk

Once again, I send a HUGE thank you to Lionel - The Tech Lead. I would encourage you to check out his channel if you're interested in tips, news and advice relating to PHP. He has just posted a video with an interesting update regarding the PHP Foundation. I'm certainly looking forward to checking that out and I highly recommend his channel.

Lionel's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6jIzhTzSbmaLNq62p-0MA

Thanks for reading. It's time to get this Module Market working.

Happy coding!


Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels