It's a move that has been getting discussed for some time. However, today the switch was made. Moving forward, the default admin panel for the Trongate framework will now have a blue theme instead of our previous default theme colour of green.

This move means that our default admin panel is now in alignment with the blue colour of the Trongate website. It seems almost impossible to imagine but we cannot find any PHP framework that uses the colour blue as its main colour. It's time for Trongate to embrace the blue and from now on that's our colour. According to our best research, blue is a colour of trust, calm, intelligence and responsibility. Now, doesn't that seem like a perfect colour choice for Trongate?

For anyone who felt attached to the green-themed admin panels - don't worry. You can easily switch back to the green coloured admin panels by simply going into config.php and swapping 'blue' for 'green'. As a matter of fact, along with blue and green, Trongate also gives you the ability to have; black, orange, purple and red themes out of the box. Simply go to config.php and type in the colour of your choosing. As you would expect, all of the form inputs and calendar popups are automatically coordinated in accordance with your admin theme colour of choice.

In the future, you'll be able to download additional admin themes from the Trongate Module Market. As a matter of fact, we already have a design template there called 'Cool Mobi' that's available free of charge. Just head to The Trongate Module market and search for 'Cool Mobi' to check it out. Here's the URL: