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Community Votes

Innovation Through Collaboration

The Trongate Framework adopts a policy of embracing innovation through collaboration.

When it comes to upgrades, feature requests and making general decisions to do with the direction of Trongate, we call upon the wisdom, guidance and inspiration of our greatest assest. Our community. There's usually a vote, on average, every three weeks or so. When votes take place the results are always respected and usually implimented within 48 hours.


We recently held a vote on the question:

"Should we make the 'video-container' and 'video' classes part of Trongate CSS?"

A vote was held on YouTube, during this livestream and the desired outcome - as expressed by the vote result - was implimented and added to Trongate ecosystem within fifteen minutes!

Even the Trongate logo is the result of a community vote!

We're dead serious about looking to our community when it comes to making decisions relating to the Trongate framework. You - our magical community - always make great decisions and there has never been a better way to run a framework. As a matter of fact, even the Trongate logo is the result of a community vote!

Of course, holding votes on random YouTube livestreams is far from ideal. That's why we're in the process of formalising our voting process and holding community votes right here, on the Trongate website.

From here, you'll soon be able to view a record of previously held votes. Best of all, you get a chance to shape the future and direction of the greatest revolution in the history of PHP!

We need your voice! Join us and together we SHALL make PHP great again!