Recently, we reached out to the community, seeking volunteers to help us enhance various aspects of the Trongate ecosystem, including the news section of our website and the Learning Zone. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and it’s clear that the spirit of collaboration and mutual growth is stronger than ever within our community. A huge thank you to those of you who responsed!

What's Next?

  1. Rewriting the Documentation: We acknowledge that our current documentation has room for improvement. Inconsistencies need to be ironed out to ensure that both new and existing developers find it a reliable resource.
  2. Rebuilding the Learning Zone: The Learning Zone is at the heart of how new developers get acquainted with Trongate. This makes it our top priority. A well-structured and informative Learning Zone is essential for nurturing competent developers who can leverage Trongate’s full potential.
  3. Enhancing the Trongate Website: Continuous improvement of the Trongate website remains a priority. A more intuitive and feature-rich website will not only improve user experience but also serve as a showcase of what Trongate can do.

Progress on the New Documentation

What has become clear, as of late, is that our current documentation has not be representing the framework particularly well. Aside from being, to a large extent, incomplete - there are a variety of inconsistencies that urgently need to be addressed. One example is with regards to modules within modules. Throughout the Trongate learning resources, there are instances where the phrases 'super module' and 'sub module' are used in reference to this functionality. However, there are also instances where the phrases, 'parent module' and 'child module' are favoured. These types of inconsistencies leave room for confusion and they need to be addressed. There are also issues with regards to tonality and even structure. The new documentation will address all of these issues and will include a comprehensive functions reference that will clearly and properly document every feature of the Trongate framework.

I am pleased to announce that we have made significant progress on the new documentation. It is now available on GitHub for public viewing and contributions at Trongate Docs on GitHub. This is a community-driven project, and your contributions are what will make this truly comprehensive and up-to-date.

What’s Next for Our Contributors?

For those who have generously offered to contribute to areas other than documentation, we plan to reach out to you as soon as the new documentation is complete and launched. We are targeting a completion date before May 1st, and your skills and expertise will be crucial in the next phase of our developments. Please know that your patience is appreciated, your contributions are we look forward to reaching out to you.

A Final Note

Thank you once again for your dedication and enthusiasm. Together, we are not just building a framework; we are crafting a tool that empowers developers to create outstanding applications effortlessly.

With all your fantastic skills and positive enthusiam, we are set to reach new heights. Keep shining, Trongate community!