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Code Distribution & Management

As with other leading PHP frameworks, Trongate developers can use and share code using Packagist. However, the Trongate framework also offers "The Module Market" - a dedicated platform tailored specifically for Trongate. Unlike Packagist, which serves a broad array of PHP frameworks, The Module Market focuses exclusively on Trongate modules, aiming for higher standards of integration and security. This platform streamlines module discovery and integration for Trongate developers, providing modules that must meet specific standards of quality and compatibility unique to Trongate, as enforced by the individual developers.

All of the modules that are available from the Trongate Module Market are open source and can be downloaded and used for free.

How Trongate Encourages Code Stability & Integrity

Trongate's Module Market operates under a single point of accountability model, where a single developer is responsible for uploading and maintaining each module. This model contrasts with the approach of Packagist, where numerous contributors can modify a single package, potentially breaking code by deleting or altering third-party dependencies. The single point of accountability model encourages consistent quality and stability for each module, significantly reducing the risk of integration issues and vulnerabilities often associated with broader contributor bases. This developer-focused approach thus promotes security within the Trongate ecosystem, since each developer is directly accountable for their contributions.

Comparative Overview of Code Sharing Platforms

The table below compares popular web development technologies, highlighting the different approaches each employs for managing and sharing of intellectual assets such as code.

Technology Platform Management Model Security & Stability Focus
Node.js NPM (Node Package Manager) Community-driven; multiple contributors Dependencies managed by versions; potential security concerns from open contributions
Ruby on Rails RubyGems Community-driven; multiple contributors per gem Moderate, with efforts to audit gems but open to community contributions
Other PHP Frameworks Packagist Community-driven; inter-version dependencies allowed Security audits less centralized, relies on community vigilance and composer's dependency management
Trongate Module Market Single point of accountability; one developer responsible per module Higher security and stability due to developer accountability and controlled updates