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Introduction to Trongate MX

Trongate MX is a JavaScript library inspired by HTMX but specifically designed for the Trongate framework. It enables developers to implement advanced JavaScript functionality without writing any JavaScript code, making web development more accessible and efficient.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with Trongate framework
  • HTMX-like functionality tailored for Trongate
  • Zero JavaScript coding required for complex interactions
  • Designed with Trongate Pages in mind

Why Trongate MX?

While HTMX is an excellent library that inspired Trongate MX, there are two primary reasons for developing this alternative:

  1. Framework Stability: As HTMX continues to evolve with new versions, maintaining compatibility with Trongate's core could become challenging. Trongate MX provides similar functionality while ensuring long-term stability and seamless integration with the Trongate framework. This approach aligns with Trongate's commitment to maintaining a stable and reliable development environment.
  2. Trongate Pages Integration: Trongate Pages, the pre-installed content management system in the Trongate framework, requires specific HTMX-like functionality to reach its full potential. Trongate MX is tailored to work seamlessly with Trongate Pages, aiming to make it one of the best content management systems in web development.

Relationship with HTMX

It's important to note that Trongate MX is not intended to compete with or replace HTMX. While every line of Trongate MX was written from scratch for Trongate, the similarities with HTMX are intentional and acknowledged. HTMX remains an excellent library, and Trongate MX simply provides an alternative specifically designed for the Trongate framework.

Getting Started

Trongate MX comes pre-installed with the Trongate framework, allowing you to start using its features immediately. In the following sections, we'll explore how to use Trongate MX attributes to add dynamic behaviors to your web pages without writing JavaScript.

Whether you're building a simple website or a complex web application, Trongate MX provides the tools you need to create interactive, responsive user interfaces with ease.