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Routing: An Overview

Routing refers to the process of mapping Uniform Resource Locators, or URLs, to specific modules, controllers, and methods within the Trongate framework.

Trongate adopts a segment-based URL routing approach. This strategy promotes the creation of user-friendly and search engine optimized URLs, contrasting with traditional methodologies that often utilize query strings characterized by symbols such as question marks and equals signs.

Routing Example

Consider a scenario where an e-commerce website is being developed to sell laptops. On a website that is built using traditional PHP, a typical product page URL might be constructed like so:


Trongate’s URL routing system allows for more readable URLs. For example:


URL routing not only enhances readability of URLs for users - it may also be benificial for search engine optimization puroposes.

This chapter explores the fundamentals of URL routing with Trongate - including; automatic routing, homepage routing and advanced custom URL routing.